I had hoped you would guess that the test would be on transition metals, as that’s all you should have been doing this week.

To make it clear the test will be on transition metals.

Mr L

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Those that have exams coming up…

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11B1 Chemistry 2 Revision

Below is a link to a document in my dropbox. It contains a large word document that has handy revision sections for each bit of chemistry 2 and some exam questions after each section.

The answers to the questions are not included, you should be able to work them out from the information in the text before hand.

This should be just one of many things that you are doing!

Chemistry 2 revision document with questions

Chemistry 2 notes, Higher Tier – n.b. manufacturing of ammonia is a good reversible reaction, but the Haber process is not in C2 any more.

Mr L

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GCSE Module 2 Revision

All teachers holding revision classes have posted a timetable on their door.
Even if they don’t teach you please come along. The topics for each revision class are next to the date and time.

Mr L

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There appears to be a bit of an issue with some of the later questions with either the wrong answer, or a partial answer only being displayed.

Still, do the best you can.

Thanks to F.S. for pointing this out.

Mr Lean

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Thanks to C.S.

Don’t worry if you you get a low mark. Just try your hardest.
We will be retaking the test in a few months to see how much you have improved.

Mr L

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I know I will!

Girls, have a nice halfterm 🙂 .

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I don’t get it!

Pupils. If you don’t understand a homework, or any page on this blog, please leave a comment – use your school email.

Mr L

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After tomorrows lesson you will have a post under 10B1 for your homework.

Sorry for any confusion.

Mr L

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11B1 October Homework

As per the homework set in your biology lesson today go the relevant part of this blog:

Homework → 11B1 → 22nd October 2012


Mr L

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