23rd October 2012

Due Date: Monday November 5th 2012, Period 5.


Your project:

Research 3 diseases caused by a Virus and bacteria and 2 caused by a micro fungus.

Put this into a power point or some other way of presenting your results.

What to include?

1. What a pathogen is.

2.  For each microbe you can do the following:

  • The name of the pathogen.
  • How it is passed on to other animals/people – transferred.
  • A picture.

For those who want more

This is the extension work for the project:

Explain how the 3 different pathogens spread in a population, and what governments/ countries do to stop it from happening.

A good place to start is WHO ( World Health Organisation). These are the people responsible for keeping the spread of contagious diseases throughout the world. You could also use the major success story of small pox eradication.

Useful Links

For those of use who can’t use Google, here is some help 😉 :


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