12th December 2012

Due date:Wednesday19th Decmeber 2012, P2

Payback Time

This is the time taken for the cost of an energy saving measure (roof insulation), to pay for itself by saving money.

Here is some information regarding the payback time for certain measures:

Measure                           Cost (£)               Saving(Per year)

Draft Excluders:      5                         2.50

Roof insulation:      1000                   150

Curtains:                  20                        0.80

Carpet:                    300                      30

Double Glazing:     3000                    100

Cavity Wall:            800                      80

Post box:                 10                         0.20

What does this mean for outr poster?

Use the information above to not only include WHY you have chosen certain materials to insulate your home, but the payback timewith your calculation – also.

Merry Christmas,

Mr L


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